Sora Park
(b.1992)an installation artist based in Seoul, grounds her work in the discipline of sculpture. She studied painting at Dongguk University and Seoul National University before earning her MFA at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.

The artist's interests lie in the social issues that emerge within the realm of contemporary digital media, within arenas such as social media and the metaverse. She pays particular attention to phenomena intensified and spotlighted by advancements in science and technology. Her recent projects involve conceptualizing the possible scenarios, characters, or products that may arise in a future world where current social issues have become more intensified. She visualizes such concerns through various media, including sculpture, video, and installation. Notably, in works combining digital manufacturing techniques powered by 3D technology with traditional way of making, Park's fascination with wearable devices and digital clothing plays a pivotal role in her practice.

Selected as one of the artists for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2021, Park has been actively exhibiting her works in solo and group exhibitions both domestically and internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include Connect-Disconnect-Reconnect at Daegu Art Factory (2021), Soft Prologue at 523KunstDoc (2022), Item Inventory at Suseong Artpia (2021), and Dark Closet at Keep in Touch Seoul (2022). In addition, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions at venues such as the South London Gallery, the Royal Academy of Arts, Seoul Art Space Mullae, Eulji Art Center (Seoul), Soorim Cultural Foundation’s Kim Huisu Art Center (Seoul), Firstsite (Colchester, UK), and the Saatchi Gallery.

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Upcoming / Recent Exhibitions & Events
2024.05 What Things Dream About, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul 
2024.05 당신을 통해서, P.S Center, Seoul
2023.12 Speaking About the Future: Shape, Map, Tree
                  Changwon Sculpture Binennale, Changwon
2023.10 Porsche Scopes, Layer20, Seoul
2023.09 143km x Our Week, Seoul
2023.09 PRPT: Table Service, Y173, Seoul
2023.06 MFA Degree Show, Arts Research Center (Woosuk Gallery), Seoul National University, Seoul

2023.02 Cross road, K’arts campus gallery, Seoul

2022.12 Dark Closet, Keep-in-Touch Seoul, Seoul (Solo Exhibition)

2022.12 Artist Talk *Special Lecture, Korea National University of Arts, Seoul

2022.11 Artist Talk *Special Lecture, Seoul National University, Seoul

2022.10 Use of Utility (Chapter3), C.enter, Seoul

2022.10 Open Studio, K’art Creative Studio, Seoul  (6.Oct - 7.Oct)

2022.07 Use of Utility(Chapter 2), C.enter, Seoul
2022.06 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London
2022.03 AVS Data Jungwon, Surim Art Centre, Seoul
2022.01 Blooming Wave, Daegu Art Factory, Daegu
2022.01 Soft Prologue, 523 Kunst Doc, Busan (Solo Exhibition)

2022 K’Arts Studio, Artist-in-residence, Seoul 
2021 Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2021, selected artist, UK 
2021 Soma Museum of Art Drawing Archive, selected artist, Soma Museum of Art Seoul, Seoul
2021 Eulji Art Fair Prize, Seoul

Online platforms
Porsche Scopes(2023)/ Artsy(2023) 


인간의 몸과 디지털 기술의 상호작용 재해석…웨어러블 디자인으로 주목받는 ‘박소라 설치예술가’ , 대구일보,  07.Oct. 2021 


한국예술종합학교 창작스튜디오 7기 결과 보고집 (2023)
을지예술센터 <용도의 쓸모>전 인터뷰(2022)
경험과 해석이 환류하는 공간, 박소라의 <Brain & Soul> (2022)


작가노트 (2023)

허구적 설정 이미지를 통한 현실 비판적 표현연구: 나의 작품을 중심으로(2023)
Towards A Healthy,Positive, and Optimised Self (2020)
작업에 관한 몇 마디 (2019-2022) (KR)
some words(2015-2017)